(Please Read Prior to Planning Event)

  • No vehicles are permitted to park on sidewalk. Deliveries or pick-ups must park in the parking lot or in one of the open truck bays. Guests may park in the parking lot for the duration of the event. Parking accommodations (i.e. lot moratorium) must to be made for weekday (8:00am – 4:00pm) events. Otherwise any vehicle without an ‘A’ or ‘U’ University of Utah pass will be ticketed. Vehicles parked on the sidewalk or blocking the road will be also ticketed and/or towed.
  • All deliveries must be made during regular business hours Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
  • Deliveries or set-ups that require heavy elevator use are required to use the service hallway for load-in. Patron must check in at the receptionist desk on level 6 and notify them that there is a large load-in. The facilities lead will lock out an elevator for use. Instructions will be given on how to set and use elevator in service mode. When delivery or set-up is complete notify the receptionist so the elevator can be returned to its normal status.
  • The Tower does not accept responsibility for receiving deliveries or removing property owned or rented by the patron. Neither will The Tower provide any services in connection with deliveries or pick-ups. The patron or a representative of the patron must be responsible for the all deliveries and pick-ups in conjunction with the event. All items delivered by vendor or patron must be removed by 9:00 am the morning following the event.
  • The patron must remove all equipment or decorations brought into the facility for the event. This includes all linens, dishes, flowers, plants, balloons and other disposable decorations. The patron will be assessed an additional cleaning fee if decorations are not removed or disposed of properly.
  • Helium balloons are allowed on the Varsity Level 6 only. The Scholarship Level 4 is prohibited because of the 25-foot ceiling. If a lift is required to retrieve errant balloons on the 4th Level the patron will be charged for lift rental and labor hours. Confetti and/or glitter are allowed but the patron will be charged an additional $100.00 cleaning fee for the removal of confetti and/or glitter.
  • No nails, hooks, tacks, screws, staples, wire, tape or any other abrasives may be placed on or in walls or fixtures. Decorations may be hung or attached with zip-ties, soft rope or fishing wire only. Any damages or defacement of any kind will be assessed to the patron.
  • Candles are allowed but must be placed in a container for the wax to drip into. Open flames such as candelabras are permitted but must be kept out of heavy traffic areas and away from flammable materials such as paper or cloth.
  • Patrons must respect the facility and act in a civilized manner at all times. Patrons and their guests must supervise all children that are attending the event.
  • Violation of these regulations will result in an additional fee(s) to the patron and loss of further use in the future.
  • If you have any questions or special requests, please call us at 801-581-5445.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does the room rental include?
    • Room rental includes tables, chairs, event supervision/labor, set up, and tear-down. This price also includes 4 hours before your event time to set up and decorate.
  2. Are there discounts?
    • Yes! We offer a 15% discount for any current full-time University employee and Crimson Club members. Discounts apply to room rental only and only one discount can be applied per event.
  3. Are there discounts for equipment rentals?
    • Because we offer already discounted pricing, we do not offer any additional discounts for renting our equipment.
  4. Can we bring in our own caterer or do you have a caterer we have to go with?
    • We are pleased to announce that we are now exclusively working with Culinary Crafts as our In-House caterer. As one of the top caterers in Utah, we are proud to have them as a part of our team. Any and all food and alcohol must be worked through them. Pricing varies for each event therefore we encourage all who are inquiring about our venue to also get in contact with Culinary Crafts for an estimate.
  5. Can I bring in my own wedding cake?
    • You are more than welcome to bring in a cake from an outside vendor; however we do not allow home-made cakes or food at events in The Tower.
  6. What are the decoration restrictions?
    • We ask that no adhesive tape is used to decorate but rather painters tape. No nails or tacks are allowed. If booked in the Scholarship Room (Level 4), helium-filled balloons are not allowed. We strongly suggest avoiding glitter and confetti, however, if brought in, please be aware an additional cleaning fee may apply.
  7. What is the parking situation?
    • Our parking lot is ticketed Monday- Friday until 4pm, because it is used for university parking. Please contact an event coordinator for special parking arrangements.
  8. What are the alcohol restrictions?
    • We allow alcohol as long as it is completely handled by our exclusive caterer. Please note that we do not allow cash bars.
  9. Can we take a tour of the venue during our event?
    • Of course! We are happy to coordinate a venue tour in conjunction with your event. Please contact your event coordinator to schedule a tour.
  10. How late can our event go until?
    • All events must be cleaned up and out of the facility by midnight.

Alcohol Guidelines

  • Alcohol may be served upon approval only. Approval must be obtained from the Vice President over The Tower before the event is to take place.
  • Alcohol may only be served in The Tower reception rooms and The Olympic Cauldron Park. All other areas of the stadium are prohibited to the service of alcohol.
  • Participants may not consist primarily of University of Utah Employees. University of Utah students or minor students may not be in attendance.
  • The Tower Reception Rooms and The Olympic Cauldron Park must be rented to an off-campus third party who is sponsoring the event. No University entities or departments may rent or host events in which alcohol is being served.
  • The event must be closed to the General Public.
  • There may not be a charge for any kind of alcohol beverages served at the event or for entry to the event.
  • The third-party lessee must agree to comply with all Utah laws regarding the service and consumption of liquor. The third-party lessee must sign a rental agreement, an alcohol service request addendum and agree to assume liability for any claims resulting from the service or consumption of alcohol at the event.
  • All alcohol must be provided and served by the exclusive caterer for The Tower.
  • Patrons are not allowed to hire their own bartending service.

Contact Information

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